Master Moretti, 8th Degree

Master Moretti started his Taekwon-Do journey 1970 with JJ Lee Taekwon-Do. It was a lot different then as training was strenuous, sparring did not use hand and foot pads, and classes were whenever JJ Lee decided, often occurring early in the morning, after school and on weekends. Mr. Moretti has won some tournaments in his earlier years, but he is too modest to disclose how many.

In the mid-1982, Master Moretti left JJ Lee and joined Mr. Pat Teevens at Tecumseh Taekwon-Do. The club went through some interesting times, having membership with highs of over 120 and below 20. Sometimes there was no money in the bank and club members personally financed the rental payable at the training facility. Tecumseh also changed its affiliations over this period, searching for the right level of program support and administrative oversight. Master Moretti, together with Mr. Tuohy travelled all across Canada and some parts of the world attending tournaments and seminars hosted by not only by high ranking masters but also, in the early days, by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi!

In 1993 a group of Tecumseh Taekwon-Do black belts left Tecumseh and formed Chinook Taekwon-Do and took up residence at the University of Calgary. In 2005, Master Moretti and Mr. Tuohy were approached by Tecumseh to return and assume their current positions as Head Instructor and Assistant Head Instructor.